About the Recruitment

RunningBall Global Sports Data, the leading supplier of sports information, is constantly looking for part-time sports enthusiasts worldwide to join our international team of Data Scouts and Supporters.

Live Scouts attend sport events and collect data and statistics live from the venue using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Full training and a PDA will be provided to each successful Applicant.

TV Scouts report from the office by watching live TV pictures; they are also fully trained and use the RunningBall software on a computer.

Supporters assist Scouts and communicate with them, monitor several games and review if all the information provided is accurate.

Note that it may not be possible to apply for all of the jobs in all countries.


This is a perfect sideline or weekend job. Students are welcome to apply. Communicative English skills (both spoken and written) are necessary.

Previous experience is not required. The ideal Candidate is reliable, committed, organised and honest. He/she is experienced in watching the sports he/she applies for and has a thorough understanding of the game. A Candidate must be comfortable with using technological devices such as computers and mobile phones.

RunningBall prioritises Applicants who are older than 18 but each Applicant will be considered and replied to regardless of their qualifications and age.


Not only does RunningBall cover the cost of the ticket price and in some cases travel expenses too for Live Scouts reporting from the venue, but also pays them a very attractive fee on a per game basis. The amount depends on several variables that will be explained in further detail to all successful Applicants. The salary of TV Scouts is based on a fixed pay scale. Supporters are compensated on a per hours basis.


About the Recruitment Procedure

To apply, simply fill in your contact details in the ‘Join Our Team’ section.

If you want to apply for an additional sport, simply click 'Apply For Further Positions' in the 'User's Data' section of your account after you have logged in.

Once you have filled in your contact details or have applied for an additional sport, you will be contacted by the person in charge. The contact persons for Live Scouts are the Scout Managers for the respective region, while Applicants to become TV Scouts and Supporters are contacted by administrators.

They will inform you about everything you need to know regarding the job. If the person in charge needs to expand the team and approves your promotion to Candidate status, he/she will activate your account. Then your login data for the Academy portal will be sent to you via email.

You are an official Candidate for the sport you have applied for once you receive this email. You can log in with your account details and start the testing process online.

First of all, we would kindly ask you to fill in the online curriculum vitae (CV) that can be found in the 'User’s Data' section.

In the next step you find one or more online exams in the 'Entrance Exams' section. The exams are split into several quizzes that we would kindly ask you to take.

Some exams are about your understanding of the sport you have applied for, while others are about your English skills and your motivation why you would like to work with us. Note that the amount and nature of the exams may vary depending on what position you apply for. Even if you are a native speaker of English, we would kindly ask you to take all the required exams.

You do not have to complete all quizzes during the same session. Nevertheless, please note that each individual quiz must be completed in one uninterrupted session. In other words, you will not be allowed to have multiple sessions for one quiz. If you log out during the quiz or close your browser, you will not be able to repeat the quiz another time!

The exams are explained more explicitly just before you take them.

Once you have completed the exams - which will not take more than 30 minutes -, you will be contacted by email and possibly invited to a short phone or online interview.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Applying for an Additional Sport

The procedure for everyone who already works for RunningBall but applies for an additional sport is shorter. Nonetheless, we also ask these users to complete the respective exams provided in the section 'Entrance Exams' after the person in charge has approved the application.