About Us

The RunningBall Academy

The RunningBall Academy is designed to recruit and train the worldwide team of Data Scouts that constitute the core of our company - RunningBall Global Sports Data (www.rball.com) and the team of Supporters.

Live Scouts attend a variety of sport events and report the important events live from the venue using handheld computers (PDA – Personal Digital Assistant) with RunningBall’s sophisticated software, which is fully designed in-house for the specific needs of the Scouts. TV Scouts report from the office by watching live TV pictures using the RunningBall software on a computer. Our global data transmission network guarantees real-time information flow to our customers.

Supporters – as the name suggests – support the Scouts whenever needed from the RunningBall offices.

The RunningBall Academy warmly welcomes all sports enthusiasts and invites everyone to apply for a job at RunningBall. Please find all relevant information about the recruitment procedure by checking our 'About the Recruitment' section.

If the Applicant’s skills, motivation and understanding of the relevant sport convince us, and if the person in charge needs to expand the team, he/she will be invited to take part in the training that will thoroughly prepare him/her for the job.

Due to the rapid development of our company, more and more sports will be offered by RunningBall Global Sports Data in the near future. Therefore, everyone will have the option to apply to work in additional sports in their region - as soon as the decision to start covering these sports is made.

The training materials and further information about the job remain available also for those who have finished the training.