Welcome to the RunningBall Academy!

This portal of the RunningBall Academy is dedicated to all Data Scouts and Supporters working for RunningBall Global Sports Data (www.rball.com) – the world’s leading supplier of real-time sports information - and to everyone who applies to become a Data Scout or Supporter.

The RunningBall Academy Website is designed to help the Data Scouts and Supporters with almost everything in relation to their job. It is crucial for keeping and improving the high standard of reporting RunningBall is known for.

RunningBall Live Scouts attend sport events and collect data and statistics live from the venue using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), whereas TV Scouts watch live TV pictures at the office using RunningBall's computer software for reporting.

RunningBall Supporters – as the name suggests – support the Scouts whenever needed from the RunningBall offices.

On this page the necessary training and all updates are provided.

If you want to apply to become a Data Scout and member of our team, please fill in the contact form on the right.

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